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Do you have enough insurance protection for your jewelry? Many homeowners don’t. Having just a few pieces of valuable jewelry can easily exceed the limitations of your homeowner’s insurance policy. A loss or theft can quickly exhaust the limits of coverage. However, there is help available to you if you own valuable items like this.

Who Needs More Coverage?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies have coverage limits of $1,500 that a policy will pay out for a covered loss unless increased.  If you own jewelry valued more than this, having increased coverage is essential. Jewelry insurance can help you in a situation such as:

  • A theft occurs at your home
  • You lose a valuable piece of jewelry
  • The stone falls out of a ring and is lost

If you have a homeowner’s insurance policy, take a closer look at it now. Determine what amount of coverage is available, including the maximum coverage per claim. Be sure jewelry is not excluded as a covered item. Then, consider getting some additional protection in place.

How to Increase Your Jewelry Coverage

Having a specialized jewelry insurance policy can help you to safeguard all of your valuables, from the pieces you inherited from your loved ones to the brand new engagement ring on your finger. Most often, this type of insurance coverage is very affordable, often just one to two percent of the value of the jewelry. And yet, it can help to protect your valuables in the worst-case scenarios.

If you own jewelry of any value, consider speaking to your insurance agent about it. We can help you customize a jewelry insurance plan or endorsement on your existing homeowner’s insurance policy to cover your valuables. Don’t put what’s important to you at risk. Call Gulf Harbor Insurance today.