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​It’s hurricane season, and with it comes the worry about which storm will hit our area and just how bad it might be. As of June 1st, the 2018 hurricane season is underway, but are you financially ready for what may happen this year? If not, we can help you.

Do Not Put Off Flood Insurance Any Longer
Most homeowner’s insurance in Cape Coral, Florida does not provide for flooding protection. And, in this area, hurricanes, tropical storms, and intense thunderstorms are very common. It is essential to remain protected. If you have not done so yet, verify with your homeowner’s insurance agent that you have proper flood insurance in place.

The Importance of Protecting Your Home
When it comes to homeownership, a large component of it is simply having a comprehensive policy to cover you in the event of a covered loss. This includes hurricanes, fires, theft, vandalism, and more. Right now, heading into this busy storm season, it is important to verify a few key things about your current homeowner’s insurance policy.

  • Does your homeowner’s insurance policy offer enough coverage to help you recover from a loss?
  • Do you have a separate Cape Coral flood insurance policy in place?
  • If you do have a flood insurance policy, does it provide enough protection to minimize financial loss after a serious storm?

It is hard to answer these questions as a homeowner. How much is enough? And, how can you get coverage within your budget? It helps to have an agency you can trust to provide you with comprehensive, affordable Cape Coral flood insurance.

How Can We Help You Today?
We encourage you to contact our team at Gulf Harbor Insurance to request a free, no-obligation quote for flood insurance. Our team is happy to answer all of your questions during your consultation. We provide flood insurance in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and all of Southwest Florida.