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Homeowners Insurance 

Your home is your most valuable asset, but it’s also more than that. Your home represents your family, your lifestyle, and your reward to years of hard work and dedication. It’s important you have an insurance policy that protects everything you’ve worked so hard for.

The purpose of homeowners insurance is to cover the cost of restoring your home and possessions after a covered loss to the same condition they were in before the loss occurred. There are several types of homeowners insurance policies available and not all coverage types are the same.

When buying a home homeowners policy, you may also select additional coverage to the policy, such as replacement cost, liability, jewelry, and more. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover damage caused by fire, hail, lightning, wind, and theft. Floods and earthquakes are covered by other policies.

What does homeowner insurance cover?


Although each insurance policy is different, a homeowners policy can cover:

  • Damage to your house and permanent structures on your property
  • Damage to your personal property due to causes specified in your policy
  • Temporary living expenses in case that your house becomes uninhabitable due to a disaster

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